About Me
I'm a 20-something girl from Finland and I absolutely love books and bunnies. Reading is my favourite hobby and I try to read every day.
I'm happily engaged and J's film review blog can be found here.

I have two gorgeous bunnies, a French Lop boy Esko and a Miniature Lop girl Sohvi but I'm going to give them a proper introduction below because they're starring my blog every Sunday in the meme "My Week with the Bunnies". And they deserve it! I love them. So much.

About the Blog
I decided to start a blog in the summer of 2012 though it was then in Finnish and featured mostly the life of my bunnies. I also tried to write reviews in Finnish but it didn't work out that well.. And I didn't post that often. You can still see some of my first posts in the blog.

In the beginning of the year 2013 I decided to give book reviewing another go but this time in English because I read all the books in English. It's good practice to write in English and I have really started to love the language. I'm really glad I gave reviewing another go because I really like it. Sometimes it feels like the text just comes to the screen without me doing anything! And it's great to read other people's reviews and discover new interesting books.

Before I started blogging I discovered GoodReads. I LOVE it. One of the best sites ever. I have found so many interesting books in there. And still do.

You can read more about my preferences on books in the Review Policy page.

The Happy Couple 

Meet Esko
Breed: French Lop
Gender: Boy (spayed)
Birthday: 3.4.2012
Weight: 5,5 kg

Esko is my adorable giant bunny :) He is very lazy and likes to lay a lot. I mean seriously A LOT. Most of the time you can find him lying around. He also likes to play even though he is not that clever with brain games but he likes to throw toys around. Esko isn't afraid of almost anything except birds. He's a very brave bunny, indeed.
Because he's so lazy he doesn't mind cuddling with me :) He also likes to groom me every day.
He's so heavy nowadays we had to buy a pet stroller to be able to travel comfortably.

Meet Sohvi
Breed: Miniature Lop
Gender: Girl (neutered)
Birthday: 6.7.2012
Weight: 1,8 kg

Sohvi is my cute little bunny :) She's very energetic, curious and clever. Because she's so energetic she doesn't like to be petted that much but when she's relaxing she enjoys petting too. Still she absolutely has to come and investigate what I'm doing because one never knows if I have treats :) She's very good at brain games but doesn't enjoy other toys that much. She loves food. If it was up to her she would be a really fat little bunny indeed :) Sohvi's much more cautious than Esko. Sometimes she might get scared of sudden noises and stuff. When she was a little baby bunny she liked to groom everybody very much but now she grooms mostly herself and Esko.

Both bunnies live together in a huge cage but they run freely 24/7. Their litter box and hay box are in the cage.

If you want to know more about my bunnies, you can follow their doings every Sunday in my very own meme "My Week with the Bunnies".


  1. Adorable! I love when people realize that small animals can love you just as much as dogs or cats. I have guinea pigs myself. Smart little things. You should add your chinchillas to this page! I would love it if you checked out my blogger book club, it's a great way to lessen your YA reading list!

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland
    YA Blogger Book Club

  2. Hi! I am following your blog, would you mind following me back at the links below?

    I am also contacting you to see if you'd like to review my first novel when it's released in spring/summer 2013! It will be published through the Whitson Group and is a YA paranormal/fiction with a dash of romance. Please let me know if you are interested based on the description below. Thank you!

    Jessica O'Gorek (GeminiRising1) on Twitter

    Mother Earth, wounded by the human race and its disregard for her resources, will recruit human souls to serve Her and turn against humanity. A rising force festers; Gemini, a clan of paranormal beings will systematically possess and destroy towns, cities, and states. Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between Onyx, a lead Gemini, and Violette, a human, begins. They will both find themselves in the middle of a revolutionary war that will either save, or destroy our world.

    1. I'm following you back :)
      Currently I have so many books waiting to be reviewed it wouldn't be fair to keep you waiting me to review your book since I have absolutely no idea when I would be able to do that. However I can contact you if/when I have time to read&review it :)



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